I Want to "Click and Hold" with Keyboard Maestro – Then Manually Move the Cursor With Turbo Mouse

I want to "Click and Hold", then move mouse with my Kensington turbo- ball mouse.

I do not see an attachment button.
I have click and hold selected from the actions.
I have click selected
I have left button selected
I have relative to current mouse location selected
I have "and hold" selected.

When I push the hot key, the item becomes selected; but I can't move it with my turbo mouse.
Is there a way to do this?
Thank you,

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I too would love to save my right hand and just have a key I can use with left hand to engage the "hold" function, when I click...did you ever find anything?

I have not found a way yet, does anyone have a solution?

I’m experiencing this as well, with click and hold. KM moves the curser to the location and clicks and then holds the object, but if I move my mouse or track ball the objects just starts shaking instead of moving.

All the other options click and release right away.

I often had no solutions from problems with multi-button mice and keyboard maestro...so I solved it with other soft...try to give Steermouse a try...

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Hello all,

I was able to solve this with BetterTouchTools. I’m guessing SteerMouse will work as well, but in this example, I’m not using a standard recognized USB input device like a Kensington Trackball. The last hyperlink has the programming for BetterTouchTools.

Left Click and Hold for Trackball.