I would like for Pro Tools and Keyboard Maestro to share a hot key trigger, that is to say, a shortcut that is used in PT also triggers a macro. Possible?

What I’m currently working on requires me activating and deactivating a plugin on the track I’m recording each time I start and stop recording. I was hoping to use KM to activate and deactivate the plugin for me.

What I did was create a macro to apple-click the mouse at an absolute position, which is the plugin, the
apple-click will bypass it. I set the hot key trigger to apple-spacebar. This is the shortcut used in Pro Tools to begin recording. I figured I’d hit record in Pro Tools, the macro would run, the plugin would disable, and we’d all be peachy. The macro works great, but the issue is that when Keyboard Maestro is “using” the shortcut, Pro Tools no longer recognizes it. So using apple-spacebar runs the macro, but PT does not start recording. I was hoping there was a setting or work around that would allow universal usage of shortcuts, so that the short cut works in Pro Tools and also triggers the macro.

I’m on MacOS Sierra 10.12.1

Yes, this is definitely possible, though it’s per-macro rather than a universal setting: just add an action to the beginning of the macro to replicate the shortcut being used by KM (in this case, one to invoke the record command). For this macro, while you could do this with a Command-Spacebar keystroke action, it’s generally a good idea to avoid doing so since it does allow for the possibility of KM getting stuck in a loop. Instead, I would recommend using a Select or Show a Menu Item to invoke the record command (assuming that Pro Tools has a way to do so from the menu, which I would have to think it does).

I had the similar problem. The way I solved it is using the following actions:

  1. click the coordinate
  2. disable the macro
  3. type command+space shortcut
  4. enable the macro again.

That should work!

Hmm. I just tried this; i made a macro that has command-spacebar as trigger and that has command-spacebar as action. This macro will engage record as usual.
This macro works:

I didn't try a plugin-disable, maybe you have to insert a pause to give PT time to disable the plugin.

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