Icon Chooser not showing certain characters


I'm trying to assign an icon to a macro, and selected the Icon Chooser 'Character' option. However, while the colour emoji section works perfectly, I see only one (or none) of the characters in the other categories unless I run the cursor over them individually. This makes choosing an appropriate icon quite tricky. I'm presuming that it is a configuration or font problem on my machine? Any help would be much appreciated.



I can confirm this with my KM9 setup here: Any category other than the Emoji ones is displayed either completely empty or almost empty. A character/symbol appears only as long as I’m hovering over it with the mouse.

IIRC, this wasn’t the case with KM8.

Same here.

Yes, sorry, too much testing in dark mode and not enough in light mode. I will get it fixed soon.

You can use Dark Mode (you can just switch Keyboard Maestro in its preferences) in the mean time if you're on 10.14.

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Thanks Peter!

This should be resolved for 9.0.1

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