Icon Chooser

Hello All,

Question for ya. Is it possible to add a png to the Icon Chooser? If so, please provide guidance.

Thank you so much,

I don't know of a way to add a PNG (or any other file type) to the Icon Chooser, but you can drag a PNG to the icon field of a Macro or a Macro Group to assign the PNG as the icon.

Thank for your response NaOH. I'm pretty sure it's an icns file but I wouldn't know how to modify the CodeResources to make it work within the internal Icon Chooser. Oh well. Maybe it's a feature request. It's just more code right Peter? :laughing:

Thanks for your help NaOH.

You can paste in a PNG to any icon. Do you mean that you want a way to add your own icons into the Icon Chooser? If there are images you want to use regularly, you could create a macro to paste them in and then click the icon and trigger the macro.

Do note that icons created from the icon chooser will be much smaller in your macro file than images.