Icon menus are used in Screen Sharing selection in Zoom. How can I select one?

When using Zoom, I often want to play music by using the 'Music and Computer Sound Only' capability. I can get to the Advanced selection screen which shows this capability. It is an image with some text acting like a icon menu. I can not find a way to select it in KM.
I am just learning so thanks in advance for any help.

Hey Jeff,

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Please tell us what web browser you're using – it can make a difference.

Since Zoom's controls are web widgets Keyboard Maestro can't see them directly.

You may be able to use the Found Image action, although the image may possibly be affected by resizing the browser window.

You could use the Move or Click Mouse action to click at a given screen position. That will work nicely if your browser window is always the same position and size.

Personally I would use the developer tools in the browser to try to discover the button in question and then activate it via a Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser action.

But – that's not exactly a beginner-level task.

I've only used Zoom a few times, so I'm not familiar with the settings – and it doesn't look like the one you're concerned with can be accessed unless signed in to a meeting. Otherwise I'd take a quick look at the code.


I will be unable to get to this for a few days. AND and am very interested in going further with your help.

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