Idea: a trigger for macOS dictation commands

I have another suggestion. As always, only 10% of my ideas ever get implemented. This one may end up in the unimplemented category, but it's not too difficult to implement and adds tremendous power so it might be a good one.

Voice control triggers for KM would be great. I have managed to achieve this by using Automator's Dictation Command. The process is fairly straightforward but why not have KM automate this, maybe like this hypothetical (photo-edited) example: (my photo-editing skills are a bit lacking but that's probably fine when creating fake images anyway)

In this example, every time I say "Hello" (assuming the macOS dictation engine is on) the macro would respond with saying "Goodbye".

I think there should be a macro to enable/disable/toggle the macOS dictation engine as well. And that would be good even if the above idea is rejected.

Currently I have to do this by creating an Automator action, and they look something like this: (this example is not intended to work with the above macro/trigger. It's an independent example.)

I'm hoping an action can be added to KM that can support this directly.

This is on the todo list already as a potential trigger. I don’t know how hard it is to implement, or when it might be done, if ever.

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