Idea: the popup for picking a macro should have submenus, or at least the most recently used at the top

I have lots and lots of macros, many hundreds. I organize them by folders, many dozens. I have so many folders that every time I try to pick one I have to scroll through the popup window which is to big for my screen, which forces me to scroll a lot. So I’m forced to rename my folders so that the really important ones start with the letter A (or a dot, for example). This is not very scalable.

I’m not proposing that we get subfolders, what I’m proposing is that the popup simulate subfolders by using the first word of the folder as a visible branch. So for example here are six of my actual folder names:

2017 10
2017 11
2017 12
2018 01
2018 02
2018 03

This is how I organize some, not all, of my macros. It would be really handy if the popup menu created an item called 2017 and then showed “10, 11, and 12” as imaginary subfolders, even though they aren’t subfolders.

Or if not (and I know most of my ideas fail) then at least could the current folder be listed at the top of the popup. Actually it would be better if the three most recently modified folders show up at the top of the list. That way I wouldn’t have to spend so much effort naming my most popular folders with the letter “A” or something similar.

Hey @Sleepy,

I don’t understand what pop-up you’re talking about. Please elucidate.

Have you tried using “Select Macro by Name” (M)?

You can put a disabled identifier macro in your groups, name it anything you want, and quickly get there.

You can get a list of all your folders like so:

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
   set groupNameList to name of macro groups
end tell

Then use a Prompt with List action or Dan Thomas’ Spotlight Search Prompt to pick what you want.

The macro history menu in the Keyboard Maestro editor will get you right back to a most recently edited item.

You have many possible means to roll-your-own navigation features.


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Sorry for lack of clarity. My terminology was imprecise that time.

Here’s what I mean: Suppose I insert the action called Execute a Macro. Then I want to put a name of a macro into the action. I am forced to choose from a list of folders that’s so long it doesn’t fit on the screen. That’s the “popup” I’m talking about. I guess my word was inaccurate. That’s the problem in need of a solution, as I have probably 200 folders.

Your suggestion with Control Alt M refers to choosing actions to run. That’s not what I’m talking ab out. I was talking about picking a macro (from the Execute a Macro action) when I need to specify the macro to call.

If the macro is visible in the Macros column, you can just drag it in to your actions to create an Execute Macro action to execute it.

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I didn’t know that. That’s a nice touch. Thanks. I never would have tried that. I’ll try to use it, but it only works when the current folder is the location of the macro. The majority of the time I need to find it in another folder, and my idea of having the most recent folders at the top, or creating pseudo-folders would be a great help. You already have a pseudo folder at the top called “All Macros”. Another one called “Recently used macros” would be handy too.


Hey @Sleepy,

Quite. You never mentioned you were working with an Execute Macro Action. :wink:

It can be all too easy to forget your audience has no idea what you're talking about beyond what you tell them. Even after 25 years of working with people on the Internet, I still make that mistake sometimes.

You've gotten through to Peter, and we'll see if he decides to change the UI. (I think there should be a Spotlight-type prompt specifically for that action myself.)

In the meantime try type-select in the pop-up menu. That will save you a bunch of scrolling.


I had NO IDEA that you could type characters when that pop-up appeared. Thanks. That might help me. KM never fails to surprise me. In fact, I’m not sure if typing a letter when a pop-up appears like that is a standard shortcut or not. Ie, this might be a standard feature of GUIs that I was unaware of.

Yes, it will work in most menus.