Identical clipboards

I use the Clipboard Switcher in KM like no other thing. It has been the most useful feature to me.

I mostly use it to insert reference data by extracting them PDF files.

But, I get errors if the Author of the two articles is the same person because the Clipboard doesn’t keep two identical clips.
If you copy John twice, for example, only Clipboard 1 gets modified.

Let’s say, you copy three letters, John then Mary then John, you are supposed to have John on the first and third clipboards. What you actually get is like the following: John only on Clipboard 1.

I don’t know why is this?

Shouldn’t the KM clipboard keep whatever the user copies (both instances of John)?

This is causing me problems when I want to insert the name of one author on multiple references.

No, the clipboard history only keeps a single copy of a clipboard, so if you copy the same thing twice it will appear in the history only once.

So you will need to find an alternative way to deal with the issue (such as reading the clipboard entries into a variables as they are copied).