"Idle" Trigger: Can detect if watching a video?

I'd like to make a macro that triggers when my mac is idle for 10 minutes and simply opens an app called Due to remind me to stay on task. This is easy to do, and I've already done it. My only question is how KM handles watching a video. Will KM consider the mac to be "idle" if I am watching a video on say Netflix, and haven't touched it for 5 minutes? I would hate for my KM macro to interrupt what I'm watching. If it triggered as idle while I'm watching something, I would consider that a "false positive".

Does KM consider watching a video to be "idle" and if so, is there a way to workaround it, to tell KM not to trigger if I am in the middle of watching a video?

If you have 5 minutes to spare you could try it out?

Touché. Tried it out. It most definitely considers the computer idle when watching a video.

So does anyone know of a workaround?

Specifically I’m looking for what is KM’s definition of idle?

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Does KM perhaps have a way to detect if any app is in full screen?

OK - it would be easier if you'd posted up your macro here but let's guess...

Your macro has an Idle trigger that fires off after 10 minutes. If the first action in your macro was to test to see whether your video player is the frontmost window and if it was to just exit the macro (you could check the size of the window at this point but that's probably not necessary), otherwise continue as it does currently and open up the Due app.

Does that make sense/help at all?

I believe that the usual definition is “No keyboard or mouse activity.”


I ended up finding a script that checks if Safari is in Full Screen. If it is then the action does nothing. If it isn't then it runs the macro and pulls up the app to remind me to stay focused.

For the most part if I'm watching something it's in full screen so I think this should be fine, but we'll see.

Not best solution but works for me.