If A or B & C or D action?

Any way to accomplish this with the If Then Else action, or a combo of a few?


Not directly, the If Then Else action can And or Or conditions, but it cannot group them.

You will have to build it yourself with multiple If Then Else actions, like:

  • If A or B
    • If C or D
      • do stuff

If you wanted A & B or C & D you could do something like:

  • Set Good to 0
  • if A & B
    • Set Good to 1
  • if C & D
    • Set Good to 1
  • if Good is 1
    • Do stuff
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Great, thanks for the help Peter. I actually ended up doing something similar to your 2nd suggestions as the variables in questions are all numbers anyway. So, if A + B > 0 & D + C > 0 then do this.

If they are all numbers, you can use a Calculation condition.

(A + B > 0) & (D + C > 0)

& is a bitwise and, but since both other tests will return 0 or 1, that will give the correct result.

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