If I buy a new stream deck …?

Hey All,

If I buy an extra Stream Deck do I have to reassign all of these triggers or it won’t matter?


R1C1 just means "row 1, column 1". It's not specific to any particular SD unit, so no, you won't have to reassign them.


To expound on Neil’s comment, you can import your profiles from your old Stream Deck to your new one and it should work right away.

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Thanks the idea is to have two identical set up for me …so now I can simply have another stream deck and just move my laptop in between.

Your biggest challenge will be keeping your profiles synced since the Stream Deck software doesn’t have a native way to sync them between devices.

So if you make frequent changes to your profiles, you’ll have to export/import to keep them up to date.

Thanks since I will carry my laptop with me that won’t be necessary.

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Gotcha. If you’re using only one computer then yea you should be G2G.