If pixel under mouse when left clicked is specific color, trigger keystroke instead. (Adobe Premiere Pro)


As the title states, I'm attempting to create a macro to trigger a keyboard shortcut if the pixel under the current mouse location is a specific color. This is where I'm at but can't seem to get it working.

Any help would be much appreciated!

The problem seems to be that your macro does not have a trigger. And if the macro is not triggered it will not do anything.
Sadly I think you’ll have problems getting your macro to work as you want, as I do not believe there is a way to have a mouse click alone set as a trigger. Not by my computer but cannot think of a way. Really do wish that someone else here will prove me wrong though.

In the time I posted this I had figured it was not triggered by anything and pretty much have it working haha. The only thing that seems to be buggy is its not "intercepting" the left click its doing the left click and the macro. I assume there's no way to change that?

As in you'd want to prevent the mouse click being registered as a mouse click outside of Keyboard Maestro while this macro is running?
I sadly do not think this is possible within Keyboard Maestro. Maybe it can be done if you have some some sort of software for your mouse that alters left click to something else than a click if a hot key is pressed or something like that.
I do not know what feature within Premiere you'd want to operate on, but I think you’d might have better success operating this procedure in another way than through clicking the mouse.

How are you now triggering this macro? And what within Premiere do you want it to do?

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I agree with @Alexander. The best thing is always to describe what you're trying to achieve with the macro rather than tunnel down the rabbit-hole of one particular step without broader context. You'd be surprised how many ways there are to achieve something with Keyboard Maestro.

Thanks for all your help. I can make to do with the point I've gotten it too! I'm switching from a different video editing software so just trying to retrain my years of habbits.