"If → the wireless network → is connected ..." not triggering on personal wifi

It seems like the If condition Wireless Network → Is Connected does not trigger correctly when connected to a personal hotspot via an iPhone. Is that accurate?

I tested this on 11.0.2 in both a real macro (it publishes updates to my website when I deactivate an application) and this test one:

CleanShot 2024-06-17 at 15.12.43

It's working for me, right now.

However you said "is not triggered correctly" and I see from your macro that you aren't using any trigger, you are just evaluating a condition. So I tested the condition, not the trigger. Let me know if you actually meant a trigger.

Sorry, I spoke imprecisely. I meant that it won't run — i.e., I don't get a notification when running that macro while connected to my hotspot, even when simply clicking "run" in the toolbar.

Interesting. What version of KM, can I ask? Probably this means I need to upgrade haha

I see two possible causes. One is the version of macOS you are using. Explanation here:

Another is that you don't have your permissions set up to allow KM to access location. Instructions here:


But the first thing I would do to troubleshoot this is open the KM Debugger, check "Pause New Macros" then see if the macro actually runs, and if so execute step by step through the macro. The debugger is really your best friend when it comes to troubleshooting. I find this method easier and more powerful than checking the log.