If Then Else vs. Switch/Case Action… why does one work and the does not?

Keyboard Maestro 8.2 “Group” Action

This is a portion of a macro. I've set a variable "Product" and want to open file based on the variable. Since I'll have a long list of possibilities I thought "Switch" action would be better, but only the "If Then" seems to work in this simple test. Is there an obvious reason?

Group.kmactions (4.2 KB)

Switch should work just like IF/THEN when doing a compare. I don’t see anything obvious, so the issue must be in the data.

Try something simple:

  1. Copy/Paste the criteria from the IF/THEN to the Switch
  2. Set the Product variable in a Set Variable to Text Action.
  3. Replace the open file with a simple Notification
  4. Enable both IF/THEN and Switch Actions
  5. Step through this using the Debugger.