IF THEN in to be used consequently or starting from any step Macro (v10.2)

I am having difficulty making this macro to work.

I want for the macro to either execute each of the three steps in sequence one after another if all three conditions are true, or start at step B or C and continue on (if condition A is false, or both A and B are false accordingly), but for some reason only one of the IF ELSE executes and then macro stops. Why?

3 Image options related action.kmmacros (463 KB)

The logic of the macro is fine.

But you may need to adjust the fuzz-factor.

While testing I had problems for three reasons:

  1. Fuzz factor was too fuzzy and too many images were found.

  2. My 2nd image was too similar to another and two images were found – negating the IF.

  3. I changed your execute-macro actions to pop-up text windows, and this initially obstructed the image sequence.

When testing and debugging this sort of thing it's best to use the simplest tools possible.

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@ccstone, appreciate your tips!

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