Ignore partial or changing files

Hi all,

So I have this macro, its part of a bigger system, but this part of it is supposed to keep checking a local folder to see if the server I use has popped a new file into it, and if it has, to break from its until loop and get to work.

BUT the way I have set this up I am reluctant to use the Folder Trigger to start the series of macros I use, because they are already triggered at login, and I am trying to avoid the "ungracefulness" of the system having more than one trigger to kick it off. Perhaps this is silly of me.

So is there another way to access the feature of "ignore partial or changing files" outside of the folder trigger? I am not expecting a yes, I am just asking. I read up on the technique in this thread

But for my purposes I think that is too convoluted and by the time I have done that I might as well have just given in and rewritten my macros to accept using the folder trigger as an impulse to get started.

00. Project Flush all variables, reset, count queue..kmmacros (5.7 KB)