I'm having a problem selecting the correct field/area in a Chrome url

I have a long and complicated macro that worked fine before, and in fact I have some different macros that do similar things with this same command. However, now it will often not select the correct field on a url.

It's the strangest thing because, when I start the macro it will select the correct field the first few times usually, then just stop after (each time requires a url reload). I've tried everything I can think of including long pauses, which sometimes works but usually doesn't, and when it gets in the non-selecting mood won't even select the correct field after really really long pauses when I was testing.

Unfortunately it's probably useless to post the macro because you'd also need the url to try it. Suffice to say, my workflow on that section had before consisted of simply "selecting all" with one keystroke (command-A) as it used to automatically have the correct field focused (a large box in the url that's the 90% of the url page). Then I had to add in pauses, then also add in clicking the mouse onto the field, and unbelievably it still often won't work. It will still often ridiculously select the other top field even after the mouse clicks on the correct field area.

Now my workflow consists of a pause of four seconds, trying it, then if what I need isn't done/selected, refreshing the page and trying again after another four seconds, where it oddly will usually work the second time, given a long enough pause.

It's not making any sense to me. I can't understand why it stopped working like it used to, and I really can't understand why it won't select correctly the first time I try hardly ever now, but then will select correctly after a refresh after not working previously. It has slowed my workflow down from say .5 seconds for that part to ~8 seconds for that part, which is obviously dramatic.

After research here, I tried the "Focus Google Chrome Field" which doesn't work (and doesn't seem to have a selection for the big box in question, though there are for smaller boxes inside of it which I tried). I tried the "Wait Until Google Chrome is Finished Loading" which didn't work, and a few others I can't remember exactly what as I was fooling around.

To be clear, this only happens with the Keyboard Maestro Macro. If I manually do the workflow myself, I can always select the correct field by just selecting all or clicking in the field and selecting all. However, if it may help to solve this, if the macro is going and the smaller top field is selected and I cancel the macro and then manually try to select the field I need without refreshing, it then often won't at all!

Unfortunately, we can't really help you unless/until you provide us with:

  1. An upload of your macro (click for instructions)
  2. The URL, or the text of the HTML around the area of interest on the web page.

This is an indicator that you need to analyze your Mac's history and determine what has changed on your Mac since the Macro last worked correctly. This is a key, essential part of resolving your issue.