Image Finder doesn't work


I am a beginner.

So, looking at the manual, I am learning the same as when I first studied coding.

But there is a blockage. I can't find any images at all. Please let me know which setting is wrong.

Captured using the MacBook function.
Does not work even in native image state.

M1 with macOS Monterey

Welcome aboard! And yes, learning Keyboard Maestro is a lot like learning coding, because there's so much to learn at the start. But you can do it!

Other people will probably have better tips, but here's some thoughts:

  1. Your "fuzziness" slider is probably set too high. I'd guess you tried changing it to get it to work, but in this case, for the image you're looking for, I would imagine the default should work just fine.

  2. It's possible that it's finding two images - the one on your desktop, and the one that is displayed in the action. Try collapsing the action (click the "v" in the upper-right of the action).

  3. Finding images on top of desktop backgrounds can sometimes be difficult. In this case, since it looks like it's on a solid black part of the image, it may be OK (or maybe not). Something to think about.

I hope that helps.

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Hey There,

If you're not getting anything at all then you may have a permissions problem.


macOS Permissions for Using Keyboard Maestro



Thank you very much. Among the items you mentioned, 'engine' was not allowed in the screen recording.