Image found "Currently Maybe"?

We are testing KM on a Mac that was recently updated to High Sierra (10.13.3). Since then I’ve bee unable to reliably “find” screen images. The action returns a message of (currently maybe). I’ve changed the focus, re-created the action, etc. Any thoughts?

Running KM 8.0.5.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t “currently maybe” the state when the image is found but it might be found inside the KM Editor? As in when it’s finding it’s own preview of the target image? Or am I totally imagining that.

“(currently maybe)” is the initial state until the editor gets a response from the Keyboard Maestro Engine, so it sounds like either the engine is not running or the editor cannot communicate with it. Use the Help ➤ Assistance window and select Something expected is not happening and see what you learn.

Thanks, I’ll read up on it. KM engine is definitely running because some macros work fine and some images are identified. It sure seems things got worse after installing the newest Mac OS.

The challenge I see in maintaining 5 computers with similar, but not identical setups is being able to troubleshoot each, when they are being used in a production environment by users who do not have time to learn KM. I am still learning KM and I am concerned the maintenance factor may be too steep to justify. We shall see.

Found Images are definitely among the more fragile of ways to automate things. Definitely they should not be your first choice, but when there is no other choices they can be effective.

The issue you are having does not appear to have anything to do with the reliability of finding images, and seems to be some other sort of problem.