Image Found on Screen General Help

I’ve learned that small grey images can be tough for KM to identify through the “Image found on screen” action.

The object I’m wanting to identify on screen is a small, moving projectile in a game.
Unfortunately, the image I want it to search for is indeed a small, grey icon.
The colors of the projectile do change somewhat, so I’ve taken the time to gather screenshots of every variation in color that I’ve come across.

I’ve set it to search an area less than 1/4 the size of my screen in an attempt to help KM locate said object on screen.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any other unique aspect of the Projectile, aside from it's shape. (I don’t think that’s taken into account by KM when searching but I’ve been wrong before)

I tried manually erasing all pixels aside from the projectile in GIMP, but that may have altered the color pallet and caused an issue.

I have night shift OFF on my Mac.

My questions are the following:

When cropping my screenshots to isolate the projectile I’m searching for, should they be constrained to “within” the projectile as to avoid whatever background the projectile is moving past?

Is KM searching for specific pixel patterns/combinations?

Generally speaking, is three seconds enough time to search for and locate an object?

I know nothing of coding. Is there another alternative/external option that works with KM?

If necessary I can post my macro, but I think this is more of a question about how to properly use “Image found on screen” as the rest of my macro functions properly.

I want to finish by thanking everyone here. I’ve learned a lot today reading through countless threads, each one representing tons of time in the form of informational responses with the goal of educating random strangers.

I’ve learned to try and be more objective when asking questions, how to use the RANDOM(A,B) function, I’ve learned to use file paths as opposed to pasting screenshots into “image found on screen” to reduce the workload on KM, and a ton of other useful functions/tips.

I appreciate the time and effort you all contribute!

The image finding facility does not deal with transparent images. The image must match in its entirety, including all pixels in the source image’s rectangle (allowing for the fuzz).

So unless the background behind the projectile is consistent you are not going to be able to find it using Keyboard Maestro’s image matching facility.

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