Image links not loading in Post Editor

Hi, in my posts I insert images and gifs via Droplr links. They were working until today. They are not set to self destruct. Any thoughts on why this is happening? I’ve tried reinserting the links, etc. No dice.

Is there some reason you don't just drag/drop (or attach) your images using the native KM forum process? It works quite well, and ensures that the images will always be available in the forum. Images from links from other web sites might disappear in the future is the user closes his account or removes the source image.

If you use Chrome, you can also just paste an image from the clipboard directly into the post.

Hey @BKammer,

This is not a good idea, because any number of things can go wrong with images/files that are hosted somewhere other than on the Keyboard Maestro forum.

When you upload items to the forum using the Keyboard Maestro Editor's share menu (or the other available methods), all files are local to the forum and will be available as long as the forum is available.


You are right, I will change my ways!

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I just didn’t know any better, sorry…