Image recognition macro

Hey all, new here. Im trying to do a tricky task. I have thousands of pics with specific numbers on it that range from 1-10. What i need to do is run a macro that recognizes which number is on a clip and then writes the coresponding number into an excel sheet.

I figured out how to find the image/number with the “find mage on screen” macro but the next steps id need help with.


Hi @Krisztian,

This kind of macro is pretty hard to test without access to representative data or a specific workflow (i.e. how exactly you want to write the corresponding number to an Excel sheet) but this example should hopefully work as a starting point. Obviously I didn't have access to the actual images of the numbers you'll be using, so you'll need to replace the placeholder numbers with the appropriate images, but in theory, this example below should work. Right now the macro assumes that you want to enter each number in a new row in the same column, but if you want the opposite (i.e. each new entry in a new column in the same row) just change "row offset" in the Execute AppleScript action to "column offset". Feel free to post again if you have any further questions!

[Example] Image Recognition Macro.kmmacros (21.9 KB)