Image recognition on pre-defined area

i wonder if it is possible to use the the image recognition function to a pre-defined workspace.
For example got 4 Desktops and i am working on Desktop 1 the image recognition should find the target on Desktop 4 and do the other stuff on that Desktop without having to switch to Desktop 4 in first place.
Is that possible?

Hi @starmediART - nice to see you here on the KM forum.

If by "image recognition function" you mean those KM actions that involve Found Images (Found Image [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]) then they only work with stuff that's actually visible. So if Desktop 4 is not actually being displayed then KM can't visually process anything on it. Sorry if that's not the answer you were hoping for.

yeah thanks that answer my question, may it might be something for the future version and wishlist.
I just purchased KM and hopefully there wouldn’t be a new major upgrade any time soon

If it's something you really want then just tag the developer @peternlewis with your request. Peter is the KM developer and reads everything he's tagged on.

A new version is currently being worked on but there is no specified date for its general release. Upgrades are very fairly priced (and there may even be a grace period for recent purchasers). I would happily pay full price because I find KM so useful - but don't tell that to anyone!


oh thank‘s good to know, i will think about how much i need that possibility. I guess the developer has enough to work on his roadmap so that could wait.

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Hi @starmediART - I just had a thought: when you say "4 Desktops" do you actually mean 4 different physical displays or do you mean 4 spaces in mission control?

If it's 4 physical displays, then KM can find images on any of them but if it's spaces then my original answer is still valid.

yeah sure, i ment 4 spaces on 2 physical Displays :slight_smile: