Image recognition randomly does not function

Why oh why is image recognition so hit or miss? Sometimes I can take the same mouse click action within a larger macro that does not work, paste it into a new macro and it works. Sometimes KM seems to be confused about which screen to look at.

  • should I not really rely on front window / all screens dropdown?
  • is the Pause until Found Image any less reliable than the Move or Click Mouse action?
  • is there any inherent bugs/issues with found image that cannot be remedied within KM with Big Sur?
    I'm on M1 mac / 11.2.2
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Three tips:

  1. Try adjusting the fuzziness, sometimes it might be detecting more than 1 candidate.
  2. Also try decreasing fuzziness AND changing to Unique, seems to give better results for some cases.
  3. And, enable the Display checkbox 'til it gives consistent results.

I'd rely more on Front window, and adding areas, if possible, to reduce candidates:
See: "Search in Specified Area"

Pause Until works fine, sometimes I use both, Pause Until AND Click. You can also use the results of Pause Until for the click position:

Thank you! This helped me think through a few things.
Why would you do it in the way you have shown instead of a more straightforward pause until and Mouse Click? Because you want to avoid looking for the image a second time?

glad it helped to some degree.

depends on the purpose. sometimes the Move and Click at Found Image is sufficient; other times, like in the example above: I can reuse the coordinates later in the macro, without having to use a Find Image action again (for example if a 2nd click depends on the coordinates of the first click)
Either way works :slight_smile: