iMessage Trigger

Hi Everyone.

I have been using Keyboard Maestro for years and love it. I have spent a lot of time with iMessage as I am trying to work out how to set an incoming iMessage as a trigger to send another iMessage to a certain person based on content for first iMessage.


I have 3 technicians out in the field. I recieve a text message from one certain phone number that remains constant stating there is a job in suburb Perth. Perth technician is Fred. The incoming text message is forwarded to Fred.

A second Text message comes in from the constant phone number for a job in Cannington. The Cannington Technician is John so the text message is forwarded to John.

I guess to start with I just require an incoming text message to trigger an action. From there set variables and use the keyboard send text message or send imessage function. Does anyone have any experience in having an incoming text message as a trigger or have any other suggestions.

Two and a half years later I'd also like to be able to act upon incoming iMessages. Is there any chance that this might become possible in Keyboard Maestro in the near future @peternlewis?

Not possible.

Apple has gutted AppleScript support for the