Import (Mbox) folders with messages to Spark

I´m trying to find out how to migrate/transfer all my folders with messages from mac OS mail to Spark. Anyone?
I have MANY folders and subfolders with many messages I need to save so doing new ones manually is not an option.

Thank you


Hi, @alya3robi, I switched from macOS Mail to Spark a long time ago.

All I did was to create the accounts in Spark that I already had in macOS Mail and Spark synced up everything all by itself - including my folders, so I didn't have to do anything else.

Have you tried doing this?

And even though I hardly ever use macOS Mail now, when I do (because I have a piece of software that depends on Mail) it syncs up with Spark automatically without my having to intervene.

Hi Dear,
Thanks for your reply, I did but it doesn't work, only mails in the inbox but nothing for the folder and subfolder


Sorry @alya3robi, I don’t know what else to suggest. Stay safe!

Same to you

Based on what Tiffle has said, try again with a fresh spark account.

Did you solve the issue? I have the same problem- I have about 25 large project specific folders I'd like to import into Spark as they are ongoing- not finding anything in their help files that provide any useful advice.

Continuing- these folders only live on my Mac so there's no way for Spark to see them unless there's a way to export/import into.