Import Taskpaper File into OmniFocus


I am fairly unexperienced with Keyboard Maestro so, in advance, sorry for asking for something that is obvious.

Working on project automation I use KM to copy template files from one directory to a KM created project directory. The automation takes some input on client name, start and end dates and other meta data and milestone dates.

Input data is used to create directories, copy template files, do some macOS file tagging , create a Omnifocus project (using AppleScript). I also use the variables to create a task paper file so I have a Mindnote file to the project.


  • Is there a way to import a taskpaper file into Omnifocus instead of using AppleScript in KM?
  • Is there a way to copy a directory with files into another location in KM? At this point I copy individual files one at the time or would it be a better option to use for example Hazel for this?

Would be so grateful for any hint's or examples