Importing and UUIDs

If one macro (Macro-A) calls another macro (Macro-B), I believe that "Macro-A" will search for the UUID of "Macro-B".

My question is:

If you have exported "Macro-B" and then imported "Macro-B" again (to restore the macro to a previous state), will "Macro-A" be able to find "Macro-B" (I assume that "Macro-B" will have a different UUID?).

Would I be correct in saying that I would have to access "Macro-A" again and re-select "Macro-B"?

A little confusing, but I hope that is clear.

Thank you for your assistance.

As I understand it, if there's an existing copy of Macro B in your macro list, any newly imported copy of Macro B will be assigned a new UUID; if not, it will keep the one it had when it was exported.

That would make sense.

So, as long as you delete the original macro (before importing the "restore" version of the macro), you should be Okay.


As far as I know, yeah. You can test it out by using Edit > Copy As > Copy UUID and making a note of the UUID before and after an import.

Thank you for your help. Most instructive!

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