Importing Macros Without Duplicates

Hi all,

I am trying to import just a few macros from my previous computer into my current one.

The previous KM - I went to All Macros group on left - then highlighted all in center column and saved as "export macros" - .kmmacros and also as .kmlibrary

In current computer - I have some current macros and my goal is to safely import from previous without making a mess and have duplicates.

I am thinking if there is a way to import them into a unique group - then I could just move the few i need into the main area and delete all the dupes and ones I do not need.

Is there some best way to do this?

I see this link - just not sure of the best way...[]=import&s[]=macros&s[]=safely

Thanks Dave

Is there a reason you don't use the sync macros feature?

Yes I didn't know about 'til until you mentioned it - NICE I will check it out - MANY THANKS.

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Haha well that’s as good a reason as any :grin: and you’re very welcome!