Impossible until KM integrates ai?

I'd love it if I could make a macro or action that would be something like: "Click on the blue button"

Not with an image, I mean- any small, button-sized, blue button.

At LinkedIn I click blue buttons all day. It has to stop. lol

Any plans to add ai to KM?

Is there ever only one blue button on the screen at a time? If not, even with AI, how would it figure out which button to click?


When in the future the buttons turn to aqua you'll still have to tell your AI what to do.

Whereas KM will still be clicking the button called "OK" without any regard to its colour :grinning:

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IDEA #1 (mostly for dreamers)

Believe it or not, macOS has a feature called "Image Descriptions" which provides written or spoken descriptions for images. This is implemented using AI within macOS. So for example, if an image contains a giraffe running in the desert, macOS can provide you with the words, "giraffe running in the desert." Now maybe if the image of the giraffe also contained a blue button, it might actually say, "... with a blue button."

You could maybe try it out. However I can't try it out because macOS currently allows you to use this feature only if you are within the geographical borders of the USA. This feature is still geo-locked.

Sadly, I don't think it provides the location of the blue button. But if it can recognize that the page has a blue button, that might be a good first step.

IDEA #2 (mostly for pragmatists)

MacOS also has an extensive feature called VoiceOver which described the elements on the screen, both spoken and written descriptions. A KM macro could possibly grab this descriptive data find the button then click on it. I'm 90% sure this could work. But it might take 10 seconds to find the button. Is that a problem?

IDEA #3 (mostly for lazy people)

FindImage is very good for, well, finding images. Buttons can certainly be considered images. If the buttons have a consistent colour, texture and/or background, it could be possible to solve the problem this way. Do you have any example pages that you can share?

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Yes! Tons with the web UIs I'm made to use. Mostly, "Confirm" and "Allow". The only button in the active window. Like, every time I run a query..

  1. View in developer mode
  2. See what HTML differentiates that element from the others -- it'll usually be a <button>, for obvious reasons!
  3. Write a macro that sends appropriate JavaScript, targeting that element

Difficult to say more without seeing the web app, but that should be doable. You could even ask a non-integrated AI how to write the JS -- although you'll probably get a better answer from the gurus on this forum :wink:

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Thanks! I'm going to try this. Sounds doable even with my limited skills.

Yes, I always get better answers here!