Improve Things3 Quick Entry



HI There,
I enjoy using things3 from cultured code as my todo app. I use a variety of ways to enter todo items into the app: The app itself on iPhone and my Mac as well as Siri and Drafts on iPhone and an Alfred Workflow on my Mac.

All methods have one thing in common: You cannot easily and quickly enter tags, dates and what project the todo is to be filed under. The Quick Entry Window in Things3 allows to do this with a number of clicks but I'd like to speed up the process with only keyboard entry.

What I would like to accomplish is the following: I enter a todo in Alfred on Mac, Drafts on iOS or the Quickentry of Things3 like this: "task title @project #tag1 #tag2 !date" and now somehow ensure that Things3 moves the todo to the project entered and adds the tags and review date. Is this possible with applescript? I just do not have enough understanding the matter to see if that is even possible: