In a Display Text -(in Window) Action, is there any way to insert a table?

thanks in advance for your time and help

answer to myself: just created a table in Scrivener and pasted ito KBM action

Yes, I think when you paste into a Display Text field, KM takes the Rich Text variant of the clipboard.

If the source program has Rich Text as native format (TextEdit, Nisus, probably also Scrivener), you should get pretty much what you copied.

From other programs that are not Rich Text based (Pages, Indesign, …) you’ll get just what the program can convert/export to Rich Text. For example text boxes will be missing, etc.

do you know if it's possible to change the background (whole background, not highlight) color. I generally use tan as recommended by the experts.
thank you for your answer

I haven’t found an option to set the background color in a KM window, and neither in TextEdit.

In Nisus Writer I can set the background color…


… but this is completely lost when pasting to KM or TextEdit.

I’m inclined to think that background color is not a feature of the “standard” Rich Text implementation, but rather an additional feature of Nisus’ Rich Text variant (and probably Scrivener’s).

Interestingly, when I set a background color in an EagleFiler RTF document and paste this, the background is still there in the KM action…


…but it is no longer there when I run that action:



Marked nonsense with strikethrough.
(See my post below.)

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thank you Tom. It is very interesting and saves me a lot of time trying. Thank you for all the testing.

Ronald, sorry, of course you can set a background color in TextEdit:


I don’t know why I didn’t see it before :exploding_head:

And if I paste this into a KM Display action, the background is also in the output window:


Sorry for the confusion!

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thank you so much for spending so much time on my question. I am very grateful