In Activate a Specific Application, what does "Reopen initial windows" do?

As the topic says, I'm wondering what the Reopen initial windows option does.

I checked the action's Help, but this option isn't elaborated on.

I also searched this forum, and the most relevant thread I found was this old one in which @JMichaelTX says "Normally that is not needed... ": "Activate Application" very sluggish.

I tried testing it with a simple macro to launch Pages with a hot key trigger and didn't see any difference with two documents open, no windows, etc.

Thanks for any insight!

I've found that if an Application has been minimized, but left running, checking that Reopen initial windows option in the Action will switch to the Application and restore the Application's window.

Otherwise (again if the Application has been previously mimimized) the Action will switch to the Application but leave it minimized.

Ooohh, interesting! Indeed – just tried it and it works exactly so.

"All windows" has no effect on minimized windows, just to be complete.

Thanks for your time and quick response!

I have a simple macro to just Switch to and Activate the MacOS diary.

Assume all windows have been closed, but Diary is still running i.e. no active windows, but NOT minimised.

If reopen initial windows is UNchecked, then nothing happens and you have to use the file drop down to open up the diary display page.

If reopen initial windows is CHECKED, then the diary display page is opened for you.

Same results with Brave Browser, if it is checked and there are no "active" windows, then it will open a window for you.

Bottom line: If in doubt then check it; does not seem to hurt and may do some good.