In Finder's "Replace?" dialog, auto-tab to the "Replace" option

If you Replace a lot of files in Finder, you may have noticed that macOS broke the ability to "tab between prompt options" in Finder's prompt windows. (I'm on Mojave.)

I created a macro that auto-detects when this window pops up, and auto-tabs to the "Replace" option for you. (It doesn't select the option, just preps it for you to hit spacebar.)

It's a simple macro.

If desired, you can change which option auto-selects by removing one or two Tab Keystroke actions at the end of the macro.

It requires this setting to work, which you should have on anyway!

I replace many files per day, so I needed this. Hopefully it'll help someone else!

Finder Dialog Tabbing.kmmacros (4.2 KB)

P.S. if you want this to trigger only when using Finder, put the macro inside a new Macro Group that is only active when Finder is active. Otherwise, as it uses the trigger "The focused window title changes", it'll trigger every time you switch windows in any app, although that won't hurt anything except a few spare CPU cycles.