In Keyboard Maestro Editor, why am I using CMD+K to toggle the Action Pane?

I have recently been doing an awful lot of editing in the Keyboard Maestro Editor, and I found that CMD+K will toggle the Action Pane. However I am right handed and my right hand is busy with the mouse. So I thought, why not remap CMD+K to a key on the Left hand side of the Keyboard, then I do not have to let go of the mouse.

So I did the following

1: Created a macro group called PROD Keyboard Maestro specific

2: Set it to be only active in Keyboard Maestro (Editor)

3: Created the the new macro as “”Toggle Keyboard Maestro Actions Pane. CMD+S

( Chose CMD+S as my combination, but it is up to you).

4: Created rest of macro as per picture.

( I know I could have used Type a Keystroke CMD+K, but I prefer the menu approach here).

KMN Keyboard Maestro Editor Toggle Action Pane

For what it's worth, the menu actions are technically better than the keystroke actions in most cases. Those actions ensure the requested function has actually been completed before they allow KM to proceed to the next action, whereas a keystroke thinks it has completed the requested function immediately, regardless of what the app you're using needs to do based upon the keystroke.


That's a very good point that I never appreciated before. Thanks!

Instead of using the Action Pane, I use the Insert Acttion by Name menu item, which can be accessed using ⌘⌃A
Then just start typing the name of an Action, or even a synonym of the Action.
For example, if I just type "if":

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Here's the solution I use– Mapped it to Option-A as that was both left-handed and easier for me to remember (A for action). Wasn't able to get the mouse to show in the screenshot, but it places the mouse over the first menu item in favorites. All I have to do is Opt-A, move the mouse and click.
Edit: The first action isn't necessary if you don't have the menu bar set to auto-hide itself like I do.