In One App, Switch From One Window to a Second Window

I work in a text editor with 2 windows open. Is there an action that will bring the opposite window that I'm working with to the front? I can't use the window title because the titles are changing all the time as I work in different files. I'm not sure how to identify and use the window index number.

I'd think something like. Identify both window IDs, identify the active window ID, and bring the other window ID to the front.

Can you do this currently, manually, using the keyboard or the app's menu commands?

The app may have an AppleScript dictionary that would make this possible. You'd probably have to name the app so someone can look at its dictionary.

My approach would typically be neither of the above. I would use KM's Find Image action to spot the front window and send it to the back using some mouse action. But I'd definitely need to experiment with the app to figure a way to do it.

"Can you do this currently, manually, using the keyboard or the app's menu commands?" should be tattooed on the back of my hand. I was making this way too complicated.

The action of CMD ` to switch active windows is all it takes. The Archive is the app in question. The Archive (macOS) • Zettelkasten Method.

Hey Will,

I don't like using the stock macOS keyboard shortcut for this particular task, so years ago I asked Peter to support toggling windows – and to my delight he did...

I use this many times per day:

Toggle Between Window 1 and Window 2 in any Application


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I'm happy that you are happy. IHTYAH.