In one macro: Pass arrows in a TriggerValue to do action?

Is there a way to, given a trigger using ⌃⌥⇧⌘+Arrow keys, to run a specific action depending on which arrow key was used to trigger the macro?


Uploaded macro in a disabled state

-TriggerValue - Do something depending on arrow.kmmacros (3.0 KB)


Answering myself.
Use these unicode characters:



Thanks, hello.

Could you please give some advice on how to type those? I don't trust the idea of copying them from a Chrome window of the Forum post into my KBM macro.

Once I get the right characters, I intend to add them to the Text Expansion Macros set.


The best is to tell Keyboard Maestro to give it to you.

The macro below will display TriggerValue in the window (set it to the hotkey you want to use and use the hotkey to trigger it). You can then copy it from the display window. (The IF...Then action is not necessary. It is to demonstrate how to use it in a macro).


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I got them from the UnicodeLookup website, but I'd copy the ones I pasted above, since those are tried and tested :slight_smile:

Thanks @hello and thanks @martin .

Yes, martin's idea of simply setting the trigger value for the macro and then displaying %TriggerValue% in a window, copying that to have a string for matching, seems very straightforward.


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