In safari, anytime I press the ^ (control) key, the bottom left of the screen shows "display a menu" - can't use in KM!

I have no idea what is causing this, and because of this issue, I can't use any snippets that make use of the control key .... Please help, thank you - this is driving me absolutely bonkers.

⌃ has been the OS-wide "show the contextual menu when left clicking" modifier for a long time, so not just in Safari, but it doesn't stop you from using a ⌃ hotkey trigger.

Not sure what you mean by "snippets" -- have you got an example you can share?

He may be referring to the new "Prompt for Snippet" action.

Thanks @Airy -- I obviously need to catch up on some stuff. Homework for the weekend!

Still not sure where the ⌃ key comes into it, though -- AFAIK it's never a modifier for typed text, you can still use it as a text expansion trigger in the prompt when Safari is active, etc.