In Which I Find Answer to Many Issues (Accessibility Permissions Bug in MacOS)

Woe was me. Details on request. Much was not working, across several programs, with keyboard input. This morning all my KM "insert" macros failed. The macros executed, as I could tell by watching them rise to the top of the KM list sorted MRU, but inserted nothing visible. 4 hours and 11 minutes later I not only had my "insert" macros back, I had resolved a tetchy issue with LaunchBar's "insta-send" and likely a dozen other errant legs (bugs without bodies).

The bug of bugs? Accessibility Permissions. Inestimable Peter's bug-shooting guide here was the first (perforce the only, as it worked) useful help I found online. Thank you @peternlewis :blush:. Deleting the items in the accessibility list and then letting each program re-install them resolved all issues. (Safe Mode did not.) Rebooting is no longer a tarantella between System Settings and application alerts. LaunchBar's "insta-Send", which I discovered I use a lot, works for the first time in months. My computer house is quiet; programs work. G'night all.

MacOs 13.2.x