'Increase/Decrease Screen Brightness' doesn't work with Apple Studio Display?

The ''Increase/Decrease Screen Brightness'' actions work on my Macbook, but not on an Apple Studio Display plugged into a Mac Studio. The Studio Display is the only monitor that is plugged in. Using the built in screen brightness buttons on the keyboard increases or decreases screen brightness (F1/F2), so why doesn't the KM action work?

Hey @andy,

Because?  :sunglasses:

Keyboard Maestro Wiki ⇢ Screen Brightness Actions

“These actions are the same as pressing the hardware brightness buttons, with or without the option&shift key. They typically affect the primary screen only.”

But seriously – let's see if Peter will give you a more satisfactory answer.



As @ccstone mentioned, the actions simply simulate the hardware keys - after that the system does whatever the system does which is beyond Keyboard Maestro’s ability to control.

At some point I will probably add more Display control options if I can, but these actions just simulate the hardware keys, so there is nothing I can tweak to adjust its behaviour.