Infinite Loop & Trigger to Stop

Hi everyone,

Im new to this and looked for a thread helping me out but couldn't find one, surprisingly. My macro contains keystroke combinations which should be looped infinitely and need a (keystroke-)trigger to stop the entire macro. Thanks for your patience and helping me out! haha

Hi @Seic,
You could create a second macro triggered with whatever hot key you want and have just one action in it - the Cancel Macro action with the name of your infinite loop macro as the macro to be cancelled. Sorry, not at my Mac now so can’t show you an example, but I hope you can figure out my meaning! See here Cancel_a_Specific_Macro.

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Oh, yeah thanks. Ive tried this before but it seems like it was the wrong cancel.

Is there a easy way to make an infinite loop too?

Sure - use the Repeat action. Actually if you use the Repeat ... Until action you can build your terminating hot key right into the Until condition. I’d advise you to look at the wiki and examine Repeat, While actions.

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Thanks alot! no more questions c:

No bother, mate. Ask and ye shall receive!!

I just was using macro and put it to “repeat until stopped” and I don’t know how to stop it :sob:

Hey Chas,

Download this macro, and give it a keyboard shortcut you like.

Then activate the keyboard shortcut 20 times to get it into your muscle-memory.

Breaking from a running macro - #2 by ccstone

It's entirely possible to create a macro that can take over your computer and prevent you from doing normal keyboard or mouse input.

I did so once, and I promptly created the macro above to ensure I had a kill switch.


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Thanks! :pray:t5: