Initial thoughts on Discourse

Please let me know if you have any initial thoughts.

Twitter login doesn’t seem to work for me, so I’d be interested to know if it works for anyone else.

The email system was very tricky to set up, so I’ll be happy if people get to the point of activation emails.

I also found if I did this sequence:

  • Create an account (but don’t activate it)
  • Verify the activation email arrives
  • Try logging in again, click the link to resent the activation email
  • Verify the second email does NOT arrive.
  • Use the first activation link and carry on.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Looks good to me. I didn’t try signing in with my Twitter account or repeating your sequence because I read your message only after I signed in, but everything went fine for me.

Seems to be flexible enough, but is there no way to attach screenshots? I can’t see any.

Twitter login worked for me.

FYI Google verification worked fine for me.

Philippe: re attaching screenshots, there is an upload toolbar button (upward pointing arrow) that would allow this.


Created a new account from scotch, not using any of the other options to sign in. All worked well so far.

Ah yes, thank you Kevin.

I believe you can drag upload the images too.

And you should be able to upload kmmacros and kmlibrary files too.

I used Google Auth and signed in just fine. Like many “forum first” apps, Discourse seems geared toward the web forum as the base. I’ll be interested to see how this works for me as a user who wants to operate solely from email and has no desire to access the group via the web at all.

One, possibly two, troublesome things from the POV of an email user: a) although I received a nicely formatted email with this thread’s contents, I can only respond by going to the web site and b) the system uses email as notifications, not means for conversation, so it apparently won’t send email for topics seen on the web by that user even with all email options checked? Kind of a Catch-22.

I agree. There are preference settings to have it send you all the email, even when you are active here.

Yes, the email I got comes from you, but with email address "" which is clearly not helpful.

It is possible to set up reply-by-email, but I have not done this yet. I will get on to it as soon as I can - believe me, I want ot be able to treat this as a mailing list so I can handle it all within Mail if possible.

I think this forum will be very useful–I like the interface a lot better than yahoo. It seems thoughtfully designed, and powerful for all its simplicity.

Signing up with email went very smoothly and quickly for me.

I only signed up with email. Works fine so far.

Worked well signing up with FB. Thanks for letting me know about the group.

So far there’s nothing that impresses. At least it will send email notifications…

Twitter worked for me, too.

I love Discourse. Omnigroup adopted it a while ago for their OmniFocus betas and have now moved everything to it.

It’s actually pretty deep, once you start getting into it.

I think it’s the best discussion board platform I’ve seen.

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