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Hi everyone,
Since touchID is not available when making change for system settings, how do you enter the administrator password?

I am currently storing the password in keychain access, then use KM to search and make the input like this, any better ideas?

Yep.... :wink:

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@appleianer, thanks for the video, but I can't understand what you are doing without some narration, either verbal or written. You know there are tools which will speak in English written text.

Please excuse that I don't speak English and only communicate with a translation tool (Deepl).
I'm glad there's this kind of translation for me and others. I won't express any lack of understanding now or in the future if you don't publish videos or macros in my native language in this forum :wink:

The video is not a tutorial, but just a demonstration of the possibilities of my 1 Password Autofill macro. At the end I fade in the underlying macros for a short time.
It is comparable to such a demo video here:

but it contains a lot more information: :wink:

I am also astonished at your demand, is the underlying macro known to you? I assume that there was no interest in my macro in the past either.

Should my written text contain any mistakes, please excuse me once again.

Perhaps you misunderstood me. I was NOT making a demand.
I was simply sharing my experience in viewing your video.
Perhaps I am the only one who does not understand your video.
In any case, you are completely free to use or discard my feedback as you see fit.

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