Insert Date Problem in an application's "Save As" and "Export" Dialogs in MOTU DP

I am having what seems like a random problem in Mojave, and also in High Sierra before I upgraded.

My macro for inserting the date sometimes doesn't work with certain applications.

This seems to happen with an apps "Save as" dialog, or exporting something like and audio file from an app.


Here is my Macro;

I realized that the trigger is the same as a command in the specific app (Motu Digital Performer).

Unfortunately when I change the command trigger in Digital Performer's custom-commands window, it still tried to trigger that command when I hit my trigger in Keyboard Maestro.

I'm beginning to think this is a MOTU DP problem, not Keyboard Maestro, so I've moved this problem over to the Motunation forum.

For any MOTU DP users that are interested, here is the link...

For a “Save As” dialog your pause of 0.2s seems pretty short.

You also have other types of Pause actions at your disposal, which might be better here, like Pause until button “Save” is enabled.

Hey thank you!

I'm going to try a longer pause now.