Insert text default type

Is therre a way to set the default of Insert Text to “type text” instead of “paste text?” I always set it to type text because I want to preserve my clipboard. Is there a way to set the default?

There is no current way to default Insert Text by Typing.

I have adjusted the action selector so both variants (by Pasting and by Typing) are included for 7.0.

On the todo list is to allow some way to have pre-configured actions available, perhaps by allowing configured actions to be dragged to the Favorites category.

You can pre-configure an action, and then copy it to a Named Clipboard and then Paste from the Named Clipboard using any of the available mechanisms (Named Clipboard Switcher, Paste Named Clipboard action, etc) to paste in a pre-configured action.

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Awesome tip. I can use this tip to voice dictate the input of my most used actions. I could also see creating macros that create a macro with specified actions inserted from the named clipboard. Wow, there is no limit to what KM can do. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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