Insert Time, Cut time in Pro Tools


I would like to Insert Time, and Cut Time in Pro Tools (my audio software), using 2 different keystrokes

the tricky thing is that both commands are from the same window, (selected from the dropdown menu) and there is no Pro Tools shortcut to switch between each function.


I actually have a macro for this...there are specific menu items for Insert and Cut time, see my macro below:

Insert 10 min.kmmacros (15.6 KB)

In Setup -> Keyboard Shortcuts window, you can now define shortcuts both for Insert and Cut Time.
Same for the rest of time operations, event and tempo operations, and so on.
The Keyboard Shortcuts window has been around for a while by now.

Thank you very much Evan, I'm super new so it's great to see how you've built this macro piece by piece.

I forget that everybody uses Pro Tools in such different ways! I'm specifically looking to be able to highlight a section of the timeline, and with a keystroke, insert (or cut) time.

With the Insert Time window always open, I've managed to build a macro (below), in which the § key will click the Apply button of the Time Operations window. The issue for me is that this will only work for the Time Operation that is already selected - in other words it does not fully solve the original desire to be able to Insert AND Cut Time with a single keystroke.

AW Insert Time.kmmacros (8.1 KB)

Thank you, that's a useful piece of information. I'm looking to be able to highlight a section of the timeline and then, with a single keystroke, either Insert Time or Cut Time. This would save me a lot of time in my line of work!

Oh then this is super simple macro, no found images needed or even custom hotkeys in pro tools. If you want a single hotkey to insert/cut time based on your current selection just do something like this: (replace the Menu operation for the cut time version)

Woah, that's amazing, thank you! That was a good way to learn how to operate PT with KM also, many thanks again