Insert todays date Action... does it exist and if so where do I find it?

Hi all, just wondering if there exists such an Action? I frequently end up adding dates to various projects and thus would love a Macro that will insert todays date via a hotkey.
I would just use an "Insert Text" Action, but am hoping to find something that will update the date each day automatically- inserting TODAY'S date rather than a previously-specified date.


Inserting the current date is absolutely something KM can do, though it's not an action in and of itself but a (series of) tokens that can be used with the Insert Text action:

Display Text.kmactions (1.3 KB)


If you want to customize how the date is inserted with the ICUDateTime token, I suggest taking a look at the Dates and Times KM Wiki page for more information and examples.


See Date From Typed String Macro for a comprehensive solution. In your case, you'd type any of the triggers available followed by td for today in the format of your preference.

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