Inserting the cursor in a field

Certainly this question is answer in the documetation but I am still too green to read it very well. I understand that the variable insertion is "%|%" But, how do I get the cursor in the field?

With so little knowledge I have made a number of useful macros. I am amazed. Thank-you for all of your help.

Hey Ellenm,

Huh? What variable insertion? In what context?

Always look through the menus for relevant keyboard shortcuts.

In this case probably Cmd-Opt-F, but new searches should come up with the cursor already in that field.

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No, I am bringing up the field with a keyboard shortcut. In this program, you have to click on the field to insert the cursor. Poorly made, Huh?

I found a categoy called variables. I thought is had something to do with getting the cursor into the field. No such luck.

Why doesn’t the field just have a name and I put the cursor in the named field?

I have DEVONagent Pro 3.9.1.

Cmd-Shift-N brings up a new search, and the cursor is already in the search field.

Perhaps you are doing something different?


You are right. I was mistaking the option symbol for the command symbol.
So, I got the search window to come up.

I am trying to get it to search for a word that I have selected. If for example, I have already used DevonAgent to search for something, I will have a word in the search field. So, I want to erase it and then to paste in what I have already put in the clipboard. I was able to do that with other searches, but it does not work here.

You must do this. Or maybe you are not as lazy as I am.

Ellen I am dyslexic so I started with these tutorials which helped with a lot of stuff. Maybe you’ll find them helpful. Vids

Awe you guessed.
What videos are you referring to?

Ellen if you look at my previous post you’ll see “Vids” in blue. Click on the word “Vids”.