Integrating ChatGPT into KM (starting with an inspiration from outside KM)

Just as an inspiration to all the KM friends here:

Nick Moore, developer at PopClip recently developed some nice ideas for binding in ChatGPT into his app, see for example
or here

He uses ChatGPT in the background (via its API) and creates amazing results.

There were already some questions here that touched the topic but I suppose that it could also be useful to be included into KM.

Any ideas how to do that?

Thank you for
(BTW: I am not related to PopClip, just a frequent user of the app.)

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There are a few free menubar apps for ChatGPT. I use THIS ONE.


It would be nice to have a macro where you can select text and have it processed with one of several configurable prompts. All within Keyboard Maestro and with only the API key to add.

@weberwa Hello Walter, did you make any progress in creating a KM macro that runs a ChatGPT prompt on the current selection?

No, sorry, and I did not persue the topic since then.