Interacting with external apps using URL Schema


Good day and hello. How do I interact with external apps given that the external app provides an API to send actions to it via URL Schema.

I've tried using action "Open a URL" as per screen capture attached. But instead KM ended up launching a new window in my browser and pointing it to KM website.

I've also tried Open URL with Default Application as well as CleanShot X with no success.

For your reference, the following link describes in detail actions made available to interact with the app using URL Schema CleanShot X - URL scheme API
CleanShot - Keyboard Maestro - Keyboard Maestro Editor — Subroutine - Perks - 2024-01-15 at 22.13.09

It seems they don't offer a demo version, which means I can't test anything. But what happens if you put that URL into Safari directly—does it then open CleanShot and work as expected?


Apologies for the late reply Rob,

I tried running it from Safari, it popped out a confirmation windows as below and snaps the screenshot once I clicked on Allow
PixelSnap 2024-01-28 at 16.30.57

OK, without being able to test, here are three suggestions...

  1. What if you say Open With Safari in your macro? Does it work then?
  2. Try an Execute Shell Script action with this command, ignoring results: open cleanshot://capture-area?x=2809&y=469&width=492&height=500&display=1
  3. An ugly workaround would be to put that URL into Safari directly, via Insert Text by Pasting (or Typing), then sending the Return key so Safari loads the URL. As you've already said "Yes" to allowing Safari to take screenshots, it should then just take the screenshot.

I'm hopeful that option number two might actually work—it definitely works with normal URLs, as they'll open in the default browser.


This is weird, after I ran an Open URL with Safari and clicked on the Allow app to open the link, there after the Open URL works even with Default Application selected.

I cant simulate back the error thereafter.

Thank you Rob!

Glad it's working!